Monitor Arms for Your Atlanta, GA, Business or Home Office

Monitor Arms Atlanta GAIf you’ve been looking for monitor arms to improve the functionality of your business or home office in Atlanta, GA, turn to the professionals at NorthPoint Office Furniture, proudly serving customers in the Atlanta Metro area since 1994. We offer an amazing selection of new and used desks, chairs, filing cabinets, cubicles, and workstations, as well as monitor arms by Humanscale, the leading designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products for the workplace.

Humanscale monitor arms are flexible and adjustable, and are designed to enhance the overall health and comfort of the user by allowing the monitor to be aligned at an optimal level. This carries a number of benefits, including:

  • Preventing eye and neck strain – By aligning your monitor to the correct height and depth, you no longer have to look up or down to see your work, which means your neck and eyes will be more relaxed when you’re at your desk
  • Sustaining a healthy posture – Positioning your monitor to eye level allows you to maintain a comfortable posture and avoid a possible computer-related back, neck, and arm problems
  • Increasing your workspace – The ability to lift your monitor off your desk means you open up your desk space and create a clutter-free environment

In addition to being beneficial to your health, Humanscale monitor arms are sleek and stylish, and can be customized with an array of different options and accessories. At NorthPoint Office Furniture’s conveniently located showroom, you’ll be able to take a look at our selection of monitor arms, as well as any other furniture you may need for your Atlanta, GA, office space. We’ll even help you with space planning and can suggest basic layout ideas for your office.

To learn more, contact NorthPoint Office Furniture today or visit our local showroom.

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