Modernize Your Marietta, GA-Area Office by Providing Each of Your Employees with a Sit-Stand Desk

Sit-Stand Desk Since our founding in 1994, NorthPoint Office Furniture has been the furniture company of choice for many businesses in the Marietta, GA, area. That’s because not only do we offer incredible office furniture at reasonable prices, but we are also continually looking for ways to improve the lives of the people who use our furniture. That’s why we now proudly offer sit-stand desk options that have been shown to increase both the productivity level and morale of the people who use them. In fact, standing for part of the day has been shown to:

  • Lower the risk of obesity
  • Decrease the chance of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduce both neck and back pain
  • Boost mood and energy levels

What’s more, sit-stand desks can be lowered, so if an employee gets tired or needs to sit for any other reason, they have that option, too.

Check Out Our Beautiful 8,000-Square-Foot Showroom

NorthPoint Office Furniture has a gorgeous 8,000-square-foot showroom where we have our sit-stand desk options fully displayed. When you come to our showroom, you will be able to see, touch, and sit in them to get a feel for how they will look and function in your office. Plus, you will be able to speak with our space planning team, who will be able to help with basic design layouts so you can be sure that the sit-stand desk options you buy will fit perfectly in your existing office space.

For more information on the sit-stand desk options we have available to business owners throughout the Marietta, GA, area, or the other types of office furniture we have available, contact NorthPoint Office Furniture today.

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